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Andrew Brodie & Richard Payne came third in Regularity in this years Tour Britannia - here is their report:

The pair campaigned their ‘72 Citroen SM against various exotica including Aston DB42/4, Porsche 911's, E-type and a full rally spec Lancia Fulvia HF1600.

This sort of event is a must do. You don't need to thrash your car or be outstandingly quick, but you do need to be able to drive precisely and a little preparation goes a long way. Regularity requires you to drive difficult (say a country house driveway, with bridges, chicanes) and easy stages, arriving to time controls within a target time to the second, else penalties are accrued. Amazingly satisfying when you arrive on time!

Imagine lapping Oulton park, at a set speed, and doing two laps within the same time to the second. Sounds easy........ Or driving along country lanes at various low speeds, to find a hidden time control around the bend where again you must arrive on time. All this while navigating so you don't get lost! There is also a 'round the cones' special test with a wide time bracket available, and you can try to beat the Bogey time if you want (bet you won't be able to resist trying). Add some wonderful liaison sections on great roads and it is tremendous fun.

We had a pleasant scrutineering then an interesting look over the other competitors cars (including the racers) all of whom are friendly and quickly form a cadre. Then off we go, starting with a special test on a slippery Kart track at Oulton Park, followed by consistency on the main circuit in the very wet. Then our first error on a road regularity. We miss-communicated at a Y junction down a lane and turned at the first left only to immediately see the time control on the other branch of the Y. A quick reverse but still a 46 second penalty. Easy peasy.

Mostly no great worries for day two, starting with the wonderful Great Orme at a steady (!) 30 MPH. We do manage to read the somewhat mis-leading tulip at a cross-roads and go left. A U turn, a dash back, and we are back on rhythm and pick up no extra penalties. A nice consistency on the wonderful Trac Mon follows, where we lose count of the laps and exit early (but good consistency) and a spot of luck as the timekeepers do not notice. Extra laps count 3 minutes penalty, missed time controls 1:30. Then a brilliant run on another Kart track, where the last bit is so twisty you can't keep on time, but we are only late 4 secs. 4 secs-- ages. Except it is an instant when you are driving. We ace the cone special test and are 1 second slower than the fastest- the Lancia. Remind me to use the right gear.

Day three involves two road regularities, a well known Country House drive- under the very solid bridge and a 90 deg bend and through another gate and 90 deg, all at a metronomic 28 mph. Then an 8.3 mile run up and down Llanbedr runway with detours and chicanes, and invisible timing controls among other delights. One particularly exciting test being a very steep hill-climb round multiple hair-pins, from the sea up to the top of a Welsh hill at a required speed of 26mph.






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Steve Kilvington has images from Oulton Park, The Great Orme, Denbigh, Anglesey Circuit and Nant Gwrtheyrn now available online.

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