Hotchkiss Race Car

We are very fortunate to secure this magnificent French 1930 Hotchkiss race car to display directly in front of Sewerby Hall at the Car Show on Sunday 10 September.

So on the day at Sewerby Hall, when you hear a thunderous noise you will know what it is and where to find its source!

In 1929 a French Parisian and prominent motorcar company “HOTCHKISS” wanted to promote the build quality of their new six cylinder 3 litre engined AM80 model. How better to do that than take it to the banked oval race circuit of Montlhery near Paris; with three drivers and a small team of mechanics they set about a record breaking run which lasted 16 days! A remarkable achievement which smashed several endurance records, one of which was to cover 5000miles at an average of 79mph!

For the succeeding years the body on this promotional car changed through various aerodynamic styles until its last reiteration in September 1935 when it entered the famous Brooklands BRDC 500 mile race. Driven by Albert Divo a French GP driver and Harry Rose an Englishman, it finished in 6th place at an average of 106 mph, with just 4 pit-stops.

The car as you see it today, is a 1930 Hotchkiss AM80 with an all-aluminium body carefully matching the style of the Brooklands Divo car and running the 6cyl 3ltr engine.

The Hotchkiss is owned and displayed by Steve Smith of Vibration Free Ltd, specialists in dynamic balancing and vibration analysis not only for competition cars but for all sorts of vehicles.