Sunday Challenge, Bridlington Week-end of Motoring, 10 Sept. 2017

The plan is to meet near the Bridlington Tesco Filling Station on the Sunday morning, top your fuel tank at the Start, drive the 85 mile route, top you tank again back at Tesco’s before driving the Finish to park at the Sewerby Hall Car Show.

Everyone is welcome.  No special driving or navigation skills are necessary.

The format is as follows:

You have to enter in advance of the event on the Entry Form, below. We have to have Regulations – they follow below as well.

The Start is at the Hilderthorpe Road Coach Park in Bridlington.  Documentation Control is open from 8.00 am where you sign on, collect your souvenir Rally Plate, Road Book route instructions and Route Card.

You leave the Start any time you like between 9.00 and 11.00am via the Tesco Filling Station which is alongside the Coach Park.  At Tesco’s you top your tank and pay for the fuel, while a Marshal seals your filler cap.

You then proceed round the designated route which is easy to follow in the Official Road Book.  At various points along the route there are large Passage Control Boards with a random single letters of the alphabet.  You have to write these letters onto your Route Card, to ensure you follow the correct route. There will be Marshals at some of these Passage Controls, where it is necessary for the Marshal to stamp your Route Card as well.

In the unlikely event of not being able to follow the route instructions or getting lost we also give you the Post Codes of the Passage Control locations on a marked map in the Road Book, so Sat Navs can be used as back-up. As stated it is our objective to get you around the correct route safely and without getting lost.


The Road Book way round the route to collect all the letters is the shortest.  If you do extra miles by taking a wrong turn for example, that is your problem.  To collect all the letters, it is assumed you have completed the Organisers 85 mile (approx.) route. The exact distance will be in the Road Book which closes for print shortly before the event.  This is necessary in case there are any last minute road closures along the route for road works etc.

The second last Control is back at Tesco’s where you brim your tank again at the same pump after the Marshal has checked the seal.  The marshal enters the amount of fuel you used in your Route Card and stamps it, so we  can calculate your MPG.

There is then a simple leg to Sewerby Hall for the finish display of the Sunday Challenge cars and Prize Giving at the Car Show.

To be classified as a Finisher you must:

  • Have Started between 9.00 and 11.00 am.
  • Collected all the passage Control letters, and have the appropriate Marshal stamp where manned.
  • Finish between 1.00 and 3.00 pm.
  • Have their fuel tank seal intact at all times during the event, until our marshal opens it.

Entrants are welcome to enter and follow the route but not compete in the economy run element if they wish  .

No qualifications are necessary other than a driving licence and a mate or two to help you find your way round the easy to follow route.  Simple description – a fun event, open to all. Nominal entry fee of £20.00 per car.

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